Early Academic
Intervention Specialist
and Academic Coaching

We often see things more clearly when on the outside of a situation and parenting a child with exceptionalities or academic challenges is no different!

I coach families to help them navigate the gap between home and school!

Whether you need guidance in ways to help your child with learning readiness or you are raising a child with giftedness or learning challenges (or a combination of both!), I walk beside you to provide at home strategies and know how to handle the challenges of making sure your child gets what they need at school!

More than just tutoring…

With 21 years of experience in education, a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, and personal experience raising twice exceptional children, I can help you with…

  • Strategies for early literacy in the home
  • Teacher tricks of the trade for student success
  • Intervention techniques you can do at home in minutes, not hours
  • Assessing your child’s academic areas of need
  • Targeted intervention support
  • Ideas to support students with giftedness and/or learning disabilities

Through my proprietary intervention method, developed over the course of my years of teaching and the focus of my dissertation research, I provide a roadmap for academic growth that addresses both learning strengths and challenges.

Services Provided

Academic Assessment Panel: Using assessments that align with state standards, as well as a review of diagnostic testing from school, I will complete a report that makes recommendations and formulates a plan to address academic strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is not intended to diagnose learning-disabilities or giftedness.

1:1 Academic Coaching Sessions for Families/ Parents: This 1 hr. one to one session is tailor-structured to fit the needs of individual families to provide guidance in areas of at-home strategies or ways to address academic needs for gifted, children with a learning disability, or twice exceptional children.

Academic Intervention Group Sessions: Provided in a small group setting of no more than 5 students, this structure allows me to target your child’s needs based on ongoing check-ins and assessment, while providing your child to interact with other children in a way that provides best practices for academic growth.

Parent Workshops: Keep an eye out for offerings on topics such as addressing learning disabilities and giftedness in the home or how to foster a positive relationship with your child’s school to make sure they get what they need.

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