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Special Back to Learning Offer: Three 1:1 coaching sessions for $350! (normally a $600 value!)

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Customized Services Provided

For Homeschool Families:

Writing Coaching: I collaborate with families to customize a program that fits their needs. Whether you are a homeschooling family or traditional school family that can use a little additional guidance, want a customized rubric, or have a child that needs to expand or improve on their writing, I can help you meet your needs! With a proprietary blend of tools and resources, I customize each session and model writing instruction.

Initial Coaching Session and Writing Sample Review: $100

Customized Rubric (by request): $60

Additional Sessions: $70 p/45 minute consult

All of the below coaching session prices run as follows:

Initial (not including free consult): $200 p/ hour billed in 15-minute segments

Follow up: $175 p/ hour billed in 15-minute segments

1:1 Homeschool Coaching Session: This session is customized for your specific needs and may benefit those who have more than one area to address. Topics may include but are not limited to: deschooling, unschooling ideas, how to assess your child to know where to start with them, understand their interests, reaching the highest level of knowledge (application) in your homeschool, how to meet your child’s needs in areas where they are delayed or advanced, ideas for special needs in the homeschool setting, addressing behavioral challenges, scope and sequence planning, and strategies for literacy as it applies to your homeschool.

Scope and Sequence Planning: Need direction in understanding where you should go from here and what you should cover in your homeschool? Get my expert guidance in learning how to use standards as a guide while still building a program that meets your children where they are at and takes them to the next step! Whatever your homeschool goals are I can help you meet them!

1:1 Coaching Session- Addressing Behavioral Concerns in the Homeschool Setting: This coaching session focuses on guiding your family through a collaborative process that emphasizes your individual needs as a homeschool family. From personal and professional experience I give you insight in how to handle some of the most common homeschool challenges including defiance, incompletion of work, how to make sure your homeschool is developmentally appropriate, and accomodations for children with ADHD.

Early and Pre-Literacy StrategiesPhonemic Awareness and Concepts about Print Skills: In this session, I provide parents with my proprietary blend of hands-on kinesthetic strategies for implementing at home to build their young child’s love for literacy and lay a foundation in the important pre- and early reading skills. These carefully cultivated activities include areas such as phonemic awareness and print concepts. This session provides parents with a multitude of engaging activities that can be done in minutes with their young children. I show them how to integrate these activities and concepts in their day to day life, modeling how to incorporate these skills into their read aloud time and games.

Balanced Literacy for the Home Setting: In this session, I teach parents how to do such things as shared pen, shared reading, modeled writing, and interactive writing in a way that works in a home setting. These activities can be used in different models of homeschooling and integrate important foundational skills in a way that allows children to experience literacy hands-on and focuses on providing a positive interaction with literacy. I also include information about young children’s orthographic (spelling) development including invented spelling.

Co-op Options: For co-ops or charter schools, let me design a customized webinar or program for your group! Contact me at or call me at (909)838-0988.

For ALL Families

Literacy Assessment Panel: Using assessments that align with state standards, as well as a review of diagnostic testing from school, I will complete a report that makes recommendations and formulates a plan to address academic strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is not intended to diagnose learning-disabilities or giftedness.

Package includes assessment, interpretation of results, typed report and follow up consult: $500

1:1 Academic Coaching Sessions for Families/ Parents: This 1 hr. one to one session is tailor-structured to fit the needs of individual families to provide guidance in areas of at-home strategies or ways to address academic needs for gifted, children with a learning disability, or twice exceptional children.

Initial (not including free consult): $175 p/ hour billed in 15-minute segments

Academic Intervention Group Sessions (See Homeschool Classes and Sessions): Provided in a small group setting of no more than 5 students, this structure allows me to target your child’s needs based on ongoing check-ins and assessment, while providing your child to interact with other children in a way that provides best practices for academic growth.

$25 p/ child (some rates may vary based on times/ materials)

Parent Workshops: Keep an eye out for offerings on topics such as addressing learning disabilities and giftedness in the home or how to foster a positive relationship with your child’s school to make sure they get what they need.

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