Homeschool Classes and Sessions

Pre-recorded sessions available for purchase:

Can’t make it to one of my sessions? No problem! Purchase my pre-recorded session and watch at your own pace. $30


Dr. Westedt is available to deliver keynote/plenary presentations, BITsTM (bite-sized in-service topics), classes, and training workshops. She offers in-person and online options of her PD (professional development) presentations and classes. See how Dr. Westedt can provide customized presentations for your Co-op, Charter School, or Organization!

PD Training that’s as simple as 1-2-3

Choose the topic that interests you, then choose the way you want it to happen:

1- Pick Your Topic

Routines, and School Skills, and Homeschool…Oh My!: In this webinar I walk with parents through the process of collaborative parenting solutions to get to the root of homeschooling and parenting challenges!

Navigating the World with Your Exceptional Child: This webinar provides parents of neurodiverse children with insight that helps them navigate the challenges of raising their exceptional child and provides a compassionate lens.

Early and Pre-Literacy Strategies: Phonemic Awareness and Concepts about Print: In this multi-session workshop I provide parents with hands-on kinesthetic strategies for implementing at home to build their young child’s love for literacy through engaging activities that can be done in minutes with their young children.

Balanced Literacy for the Home Setting: In this workshop, I teach parents how to do such things as shared pen, shared reading, modeled writing, and interactive writing in a way that works in a home setting.

2- Pick Your Format

  • Keynote/Plenary Presentation $750
  • BITsTM (bite-sized in-service topics) $250
  • Class (more formal instruction) $300 p/ hour session
  • Training Workshop (more hands-on, group oriented) $300 p/ hour session or $750 for half-day

3- Pick Your Delivery Method

  • Online Live
  • In-Person
  • Pre-Recorded

Contact Dr. Westedt to schedule an empowering PD event for your team. Schedule a phone conversation to discuss your needs and wants:

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Need more details? Please see the information below. If you are still uncertain about what would be the right combination for your team, contact Dr. Westedt and she will gladly help you through the process.

Student Training Details

  • Social Justice Superheroes: Understanding Your Unique Multi-Cultural Fingerprint: A unique presentation for upper elementary- middle school aged students to help them understand and reflect upon their own overlapping identities and ways to identify systemic injustice and ideas for action that they can do in their daily lives.

What are BITs?

Dr. Westedt’s BIT TM(bite-sized in-service topics) sessions are popular enrichment additions to any professional development time, offering short yet highly informative videos that can be used to introduce a discussion topic.

Educator Training Details

  • Teaching Superpowers: Navigating our Classrooms with Exceptional Children: This engagement provides practical strategies on how to address the needs of the overlapping identities of students within the classroom and working to disrupt the deficit model. Gifted and twice-exceptional characteristics are explored, particularly as they overlap with other student identities. Educators are provided with tools in order to be able to recognize these qualities in their students and work for depth of knowledge equity.
  • Interrupting the Narrative: Practical Behavior Management and the Power of Relationships: Based on Dr. Greene’s methods, this in-service is a must for PBIS teams and classroom educators alike! It addresses the need for non-punitive strategies that provide students with the ability to develop neuropathways that lead to improved behavior. Especially aimed at providing support for our most difficult behavior challenges in the school systems, it provides practical strategies for students who do not respond to traditional behavior management approaches.
  • Pathways to Equity: Formative Assessment and Flexible Differentiation: Addressing Equity and Diversity in a Self-Contained Classroom by looking at depth of knowledge equity, disrupting the deficit model,
  • Dynamic Organization for Skill Based Small Groups: Teachers as Facilitators: Provides resources for organizing groups for flexible and fluid differentiated learning.
  • Differentiation while Online: Addressing differentiation in virtual learning environments.

Parent Training Details

  • Parenting Superpowers: Navigating the World with an Exceptional Child: Addresses the conflicting messages often received as parents of the 2e (twice-exceptional), and an introduction to dynamic and counter-intuitive tools to help manage the behaviors associated with these diagnoses. Based in Dr. Greene’s methods.

Deanna Westedt