Helping Families Achieve Success with Learning in the Home Setting

  • Early Academic Intervention Specialist for the Home Setting or Learning Pod Setting
  • Expert in the area of twice-exceptional, gifted, and students with learning disabilities
  • Academic and Homeschool Coach for Families, Co-ops, Charters, and Learning Pods

Dr. Deanna Westedt is helping parents and homeschool organizations maximize their homeschool experience to bring out the full potential of learning in the home setting. She tackles the most common and difficult challenges of homeschool, drawing from both personal homeschool experience and blending that with developmental and learning theory. Her unique understanding of the homeschool lifestyle combined with her research into scaffolding learning for all kinds of learners, including those with learning disabilities and giftedness, makes her guidance second to none!

She walks alongside families and homeschooling groups to provide them with solutions balanced with a lens of compassion and flexibility. Sharing strategies developed in her own home as she taught her two boys, her passion is to provide these tools to families for learning success!

For co-ops, charters, and other organizations, bring Dr. Westedt’s knowledge and insight through the learning environment that works best for you: as keynote speaker, in-service class, training workshop, or BITTM mini event. She can join you in-person or online.

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PD Online

Deanna offers a wide-range of online training, such as seminars, bite-sized training topics, and one-on-one coaching. Empower your staff through online training.

PD In-Person

In-person events with Deanna can transform how you approach your twice-exceptional students. She leads training events for educators, students, and parents.


Free articles, white papers, and suggested books on the subject of twice-exceptional children and how to educate them effectively.

Prioritizing the Play

I talk to so many homeschooling moms that feel overwhelmed by the pressure they place upon themselves to get everything “just right” when it comes to their children’s development. Especially in the younger years, the societal expectations can start to seep in, no matter how hard we try to focus on our children’s developmental pathway. […]

Monday Minute: Homeschooling Brilliance

One of the top reasons families give for turning to homeschool for their child’s education is the ability to tailor the education to their child’s needs, especially if they present with any exceptionalities. Parents of children with exceptional skills or above average ability in any task often find that, while parenting brilliance sounds to most […]

What to Do When Your Child Isn’t Finishing Their Work

For parents of homeschoolers or in-person schoolers who have difficulty completing their work, it can be a mystery that stumps the most cleverest amongst us and leaves us wondering how to get them back on track. We know they are capable, yet work remains done or temper tantrums and flat-out refusal may ensue. Such circumstances […]

Deanna Westedt

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