Equity through Differentiated Learning

  • Early Academic Intervention Specialist for Parents and Educators
  • Expert in the area of 2e and 3e students
  • Academic Coach for Families

Dr. Deanna Westedt is helping teachers maximize differentiated instruction to bring out the full potential in their diverse student population. She tackles the deficit model head on, shattering misconceptions and delivering practical solutions that will help educators to manage flexible differentiation in the classroom in a way that brings equity and greater success, even to those students who could be labeled otherwise.

Dr. Westedt is a differentiated learning expert and an education consultant, well-versed in best-practice strategies. Having spent over twenty years as a teacher, she understands how to bring about real change in the classroom environment. She also understands the pedagogy behind those practical skills, having earned her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from the University of South Carolina.

Bring Dr. Westedt’s expertise to your team through the learning environment that works best for your school: as keynote speaker, in-service class, training workshop, or BITTM mini event. She can join you in-person or online.

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Future First Education,  A Division of Mothers Against Racism
AERA 2020 Research Repository
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Want to learn more about how Dr. Westedt can help? Schedule a complementary phone conversation to discuss your needs and wants:

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Deanna offers a wide-range of online training, such as seminars, bite-sized training topics, and one-on-one coaching. Empower your staff through online training.

PD In-Person

In-person events with Deanna can transform how you approach your twice-exceptional students. She leads training events for educators, students, and parents.


Free articles, white papers, and suggested books on the subject of twice-exceptional children and how to educate them effectively.

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Deanna Westedt

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