Finding Your Homeschool Groove After the Holidays!

Getting started on anything can be just about the hardest thing out there, amiright?! It was true in elementary school whenever faced with a clean sheet of Steno notebook paper (crispness, be darned!) and it still stands the test of time today all too often.

What can be even harder is picking up the momentum after a break…yet, here we are! Sometimes the break gives us a second wind and if that is you, then go and get it! But for some of us, stepping back up to the homeschool plate seems overwhelming. Perhaps we ended prior to break on an exhausted note, haven’t solved some of the challenges we went into the break with, or just have some of those end of break blues (my teenage son definitely had some of that!)

  1. Take it in bite-sized bits. The beauty of homeschool is that we teach our children to self-regulate and this is a perfect time to walk through this and model it. Set a small goal, a fun activity to get started, add in a little reward here and there for meeting small goals, and really acknowledge even the small steps toward success. Even better, let your child choose what their reward might be, such as a preferred activity. We call these things metacognitive practices in the educational world and they are super important in order to learn how to set goals and reflect in a healthy way.
  2. Identify a key word. This year I picked ‘Kindness.’ I wanted to remain really mindful that my actions are kind on a day to day basis and that when I catch myself being grouchy or irritable (all normal things!) that I still make sure to treat my people kindly.
  3. Collaborate with your child. Especially important if you were already having challenges prior to break, sit down and ask your child what is hard about it for them. You might be surprised at the answer! I talk about this type of strategy in depth in my Collaborative Parenting Workshop, which I have available to purchase as a pre-recorded session for $25. You can find out how to purchase that workshop session pre-recorded here:

As always, follow my facebook page for more tips on homeschooling success from a homeschooling mom and advocate who just happens to have a doctorate in education! I’ve been in the trenches, so if you’re looking for research based guidance from someone who also first-hand understands, I can help guide you with homeschooling solutions!

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