Tricks of the Teaching Trade: How to Help Your Child Blend Words!

In this short video I provide an easy and effective strategy that can be completed in 5 minutes to help children learn how to blend words together! Perfect for pre-readers or emergent readers, or any student who is having difficulty learning to blend letters… this will help! All you need is yourself, a flat surface, and 3 lego bricks! Here we go…


Teacher Tricks of the Trade for Distance Learning

In this short video, I share ways to maximize minutes with your child while reading and to really blend together a bonding time with learning.


Mothers of Struggling Superheroes!!

Welcome to Mothers of Struggling Superheroes!! (M.O.S.S.) We are a tribe of women parenting a kid with superpowers, such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Twice-Exceptional (identified as gifted with learning disabilities), or have a child who has emotional, behavioral, or educational challenges. If this sounds like something you are interested in, I welcome you to check out this new support group for moms facilitated by a close friend and one in which I have the pleasure of co-hosting. This last week, we were blessed to have women from around the country join in! Topics include:
*tools to address behavioral challenges specific to these diagnoses
*how to build a positive climate in your home
*dealing with the inaccurate messages we receive from family, society, and the school system
*navigating the world of accomodations, modifications, IEP’s, and the like
*how to address the needs of siblings of differently abled kiddos
or~if you just need a place to be heard, to vent, and to hear that others are going through your journey, too, pm me and I will get you connected.
*this upcoming week, I will be presenting on the power of relationship building with your differently-abled child.
Meetings are held by Zoom Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 PST. Feel free to share and pass the word on!

Learn more on my Facebook Page.