Post High School and Societal Expectations: My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to College Right After High School

Reaching the milestone of high school graduation is monumental, whether a homeschooler or otherwise. But for many the question of “What next?” looms large. It can feel like a societal microscope examining those post-high school career and educational choices and one that is used as a barometer of our parenting and educational success.

So, what next?

For far too many, the pressure of entering college right away dictates the decisions. While this may be the right choice for some young adults, it is important to be open to the different options available to our young people. Here are a few things to consider when weighing the choices:

  • Would my newly minted young adult benefit from some time to mature before taking on higher education?
  • Does my child desire to follow a career path that requires higher education?
  • Does higher education support my child’s goals in life?
  • Would my child’s career goals be benefited by a year of travel or other training before starting formal higher education?
  • Would my child benefit from first attending a junior college while they figure out their plan?

These questions should be used to help guide the conversations you have with your soon to be out in the world child. Formulating a plan based on their goals may seem scary if it doesn’t follow our societal expectations, but the most important thing to consider is the well-being of your child.

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