One Healthy Change: Spotlight on Teacher Wellness

This week, I’ve focused on personal wellness for teachers. Teaching is a work of heart, but throughout a school year teachers often find themselves drained of their own energy. We often put personal wellness goals off to the summer. But I’m here to suggest something a little different. Instead of going gung-ho on fitness or wellness goals this summer, start small. Each action you take will lead to more. My favorite starting point, especially for myself if I get off track, is to take the single step of refocusing on hydration. Let’s face it, hydration can be easy to let slip while in the classroom. I find that starting with hydration, finding how many glasses of water I should be drinking for my particular set of circumstances, and focusing on that as a goal generally starts me off in the right direction. Your “one healthy change” may be different, but whatever it is, make sure to take time to feel great about doing something good for yourself and build habits that can go back with you into the classroom!

When you teach, you touch the future and that’s a pretty amazing place to be!

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