It Only Takes One

As a school administrator for over 20 years, my mother always noted the importance that every child needed to have at least one person in their life that deeply believes in them and champions them. And it is an unfortunate fact we know each year, that at least some of our students will come from a home where that may not be the case. While the majority of parents genuinely do their best for their offspring, there are those cases where while a home situation may not qualify as CPS worthy, yet the support and cheerleading may be missing for that child.

But the good news? While we are not able to completely replace that space in a child’s life, we can be that one person for that child. We are brought into other’s lives, sometimes for life (here’s looking at you life-long friends!), sometimes for a reason, and sometimes for a season. (Or any combination of these, too!) These children are brought into our lives, and we into theirs, and we can be that source of belief, compassion, and encouragement for that child who may not have that resource coming from home.

While the school year is a while away still, take a moment to be grateful for the children that were brought into your life (yes, even the difficult ones because they challenge us and show us where we need to grow). And then set your eyes forward and resolve that you will be that source of encouragement for that “out of the box” child.

When you teach you touch the future and that is a pretty amazing place to be!

Check out my website at for ways that I can walk alongside and find ways to be that person for those children who need us just a little bit more.

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