Monday Minute: Top 3 Suggestions for When Your Homeschool Day is Tough

Pinterest and Facebook picture perfect aside, every homeschooling parent encounters their challenges. In fact, I would bet it is safe to say that behind every successful homeschool story, there are a few tumultuous days here and there. But sometimes, the homeschooling waters can seem rougher than usual. What’s a parent to do when their homeschool day goes off-line?

  1. Take a step back and do a quick assessment. Just as you would with a young infant, assess whether there are factors such as hunger or the need for a movement break. Behavior is communication and even our children who are old enough to verbalize may not always developmentally have the filter and processing to think through what it is that would make them feel better. Not only do these things address physical needs that could contribute to some behavior challenges, but they also allow for a brief resetting of the mind.
  2. Take a step back from schoolwork. If frustration has taken over the learning day, it may be time to take a break from academics, at least for a few minutes. Allowing your child to do something that is calming such as going outside, reading a book, or listening to music can be immensely helpful. As the parent, you can set the parameters on this and even decide in advance with your child what activities might help them to calm a frustrated brain.
  3. Relationship build. Even in the busyness of a day, 5 minutes spent doing something with the child outside of school work that is of the child’s choosing can strengthen the relationship and create a bond outside of the day to day “must-do’s.” Also, making a tradition or habit of finding at least three genuine positive praises to say to your child everyday will reinforce a positive connection that can help balance out the relationship.

These suggestions are great for mild and infrequent issues that spring up naturally from time to time, but if you are experiencing constant defiance in the homeschool relationship, it may be time to try some more intensive collaborative structures. Contact me at for a free consult to talk about how I can help empower you in your homeschool journey. Or sign up right here on my website on the parent tab on my OnceHub link!

Also, check out my upcoming virtual webinar on addressing homeschool challenges with collaborative structures.

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