Monday Minute: What’s Your Homeschool Style? Why not to stress what others may think!

Build a homeschool style for your family that’s as unique as your family is!

The community of homeschooling is as diverse in the way it looks as the reasons for which families choose to homeschool. But as I have immersed myself in the homeschool lifestyle, I have started to notice a trend in which the definition of homeschooling is taken apart and dissected to the point where it undermines the actual purpose of homeschool: freedom and choice to do what is best for your child and your family! According to The Best Schools, there are seven identifiable categories of homeschooling: Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, School-at-Home, Unit Studies, and Eclectic.

We personally fall into the eclectic category. Based on my sons’ goals and interests we have forged and selected a trajectory for their homeschooling that works for us. We take some school at home classes for their core subjects to meet A-G requirements for high school level classes because they have both expressed a desire to follow career paths that may lead them to college. They are enrolled in college classes through dual enrollment. We incorporate classical subjects, including Bible, for which I have chosen the curriculum. Additionally, two days a week we have an unschooling format for at least a portion of the day for the boys to pursue their own projects. From Charlotte Mason, we include lots of nature, flexible learning environments, and short work windows. Our weeks include travel, outings, and exploring different activities and sports.This is what works for us and I would not ever expect any other family to follow exactly our blueprint. My boys, like every other individual, have a unique learning fingerprint, as unique as their thumb print. Between the two boys, we don’t even do things identical.

From my perspective, as long as your plan for your children leads to an emotionally healthy family life for everyone involved, then you are taking the right path…

Is your child working ahead or behind the conventional education system because that’s what they need? Fantastic! Welcome to homeschooling!

Do you use standards to help guide your learning? That’s fine too! You’re welcome in the homeschooling community, as well!

Do you find that incorporating co-op and other opportunities for your child gives a fullness to your day, even if nothing more than to get some time to think your thoughts? (Introverts, I know you understand!) Wonderful! You belong in the homeschool community, too!

Does your child have special needs for which you have chosen to bring in supports or extra help? Go on with your wonderful homeschooling self!

Does your child take school-at-home classes or attend a hybrid program? You fit in, too!

You see, you do not have to do it any other person’s way, because you are educating your children and you know them and your family situation best!

As homeschoolers, we face enough critiques from others. Isn’t it time to support each other in the homeschool world as we move along our personal journeys? Imagine what we could get accomplished if we collaborated, supported, and shared resources without fear that someone would come along and define homeschool for us.

If you want more guidance into how to assess your family’s needs to design a path of homeschooling as unique as your children, reach out to me at Whatever your family’s goals for homeschooling, I can help you meet them. You can also connect with me right here on my website by scheduling a free consult on my OnceHub link located on the parents tab.

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